We are French privately held company located close to Paris

Founded in 1902 by Dr Badreau, Organotechnie was right from the start  dedicated to the manufacturing of biological products for the pharmaceutical industry. in the late 70 we also started to address other markets such as industrial fermentation, diagnostics, cosmetics.

A new board, comprising a former staff member, operates since mid 2015. All our peptones are manufactured in our plant at La courneuve, a  town located between Paris And Charles de Gaulle International Airport.


We started to manufacture peptones and extracts for industrial microbiology in the 1950 and  since 1988, developping and improving Protein Hydrolysates  for various applications in the industrial microbiology and biotechnology.

We are also one of the world largest  Magnesium Pidolate manufacturer. This magnesium salt is intended for human magnesium supplementation and used mainly by the pharmaceutical industry.


Our philosophy for success is to bring you the product that fits your needs. So we have come to study, address and fulfill all the demands and requests coming from our cutomers.

With a strong R&D, an involved quality dept, we have gained a knowledge and a procees expertise at all steps of the production.
Knowledge brings knowledge, expertise brings expetrise, success bring success.


The Quality Control Department is present at each step of the production process to ensure that products are manufactured on a high quality standard and on a consistent basis.

The activities in La Courneuve are certified ISO 9001

We are committed to a global environmentally friendly approach in order to optimise the consumption of natural resources and limit any pollution linked to our business and our site.

Adopting a production strategy respectful of the environment is for us a prerequisite for the development and the future of our company


We manage more than 30 processes steps that can each be finley tuned up or down with a predictable outcome.

We also have developped a R&D scheme that is fully upscalable to production size. Hence we can adjust any production to your specific requirements.

We are also ready to work with you and co-develop a specific peptone that would meet your strain specificity and your process constraints.


Production & Office

27 avenue Jean Mermoz
93120 La Courneuve
Tel : 00 33 149 928 750
Fax : 00 00 000 00 000


We can also discuss your need
and help you find the best peptone for
your application


00 33 149 928 750