Magnesium Pidolate

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 Magnesium Pidolate


Magnesium Pidolate

Vegetable peptone

Casein peptone

Meat peptone

Gelatine peptone

Yeast extract

Malt extract

Kosher hydrolysate

Halal hydrolysate

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Organotechnie is the world largest manufacturer of Magnesium Pidolate.

Magnesium Pidolate or Magnesium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate is a salt of Pyroglutamic Acid manufactured by chemical synthesis.
Its molecular formula is : C10 H12 N2 O6 Mg

Organotechnie product complies to the Monograph 1619 of the European Pharmacopoeia latest Edition

The Pharmaceutical industry use Magnesium Pidolate to manufacture drugs for patients who suffer from Magnesium deficiencies.

Magnesium Pidolate is also used as a supplement in the Nutraceutical and the Animal Nutrition industries



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