Cell culture refers to the use of extremely fragile cell lines, separated from their original animal or vegetal tissue.

They require an easily filtrable nitrogen source, free from pathogenic compounds, with a very low bioburden.

Organotechnie provides a range of low endotoxin peptones that are succesfully used in this area.

  • Malt Extract R2
    Malt Extract R2 is a purified and clarified malt extract supplemented with growth factors.
  • Malt Extract R3
    Malt Extract R3 is a purified and clarified malt extract designed for diagnostic  and cell culture applications
  • Pea peptone A482
    Pea Peptone A482 is a non allergenic/non GMO papainic pea protein hydrolysate designed for dehydrated culture media and fermentation.
  • Soy peptone A2SC
    Soy Peptone A2SC papainic soy hydrolysate multi step purified with low molecular weight. It is widely used in the lactic bacteria industry.
  • Soy peptone A3SC
    Soy Peptone A3 SC is a multi purpose papainic soy hydrolysate enriched with growth factors.
  • Soy peptone AM41
    Soy Peptone AM41 is a papainic soy hydrolysate combined with other vegetal components for enhanced growth promotion.
  • Tryptone N1
    Tryptone N1 is a multi-purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate with a vitamins and growth factors enrichment. This peptone is cell culture compatible and is used in the vaccine industry.
  • Wheat Peptone E1
    Wheat Peptone E1 is a papainic wheat protein hydrolysate. Initially designed for the cosmetic industry, it is has been also adopted by the cell culture industry.