There are as many differents requirements for as many differents media.

However fast growth promotion, fertility, growth selectivity, high clarity and/or autoclave stability are among the most requested.

whatever your requirement is , we have the peptones or the extract that will meet your expectations.

  • Malt Extract R2
    Malt Extract R2 is a purified and clarified malt extract supplemented with growth factors.
  • Malt Extract R3
    Malt Extract R3 is a purified and clarified malt extract designed for diagnostic  and cell culture applications
  • Pea peptone A482
    Pea Peptone A482 is a non allergenic/non GMO papainic pea protein hydrolysate designed for dehydrated culture media and fermentation.
  • Pea peptone IDH
    Pea peptone IDH is new non allergenic & non GMO pea peptone hydrolysed with microbial enzymes. It comes with a high hydrolysis degree and a low turbidity.  
  • Plant peptone E1
    Plant Peptone E1 is a non allergenic/non GMO enzymatic potato protein hydrolysate with a high fertility level.
  • Potato peptone E210
    Potato peptone E210 is a non allergenic/non GMO ultra clear potato protein hydrolysate for specific demanding/high tech applications.
  • Potato peptone L8
    Potato peptone L8 is a new product developped by hydrolyzing potato proteins with microbial enzymes. This product is crystal clear in solution at 1%.
  • Soy Peptone A2X
    Soy Peptone A2X is an enzymatic hydrolysate of soy flour, that has been designed as a nitrogen source for use in industrial fermentation. Polyphenol naturally present in soy beans might be a potential inhibiting factor for some bacterial strains. A2X was manufactured with a special purification treatment in order to be highly efficient on hard to grow pathogenic bacteria. It is suited for hard to grow pathogenic bacteria.  
  • Soy Peptone A4X
    Soy Peptone A4X is a new enzymatic hydrolysate of soy flour, co-processed with a special yeast extract enriched in vitamins. It has been manufactured with an additional purification treatment in order to lower the polyphenol content (naturally present in soy beans).
  • Soy Peptone A5
    Soy Peptone A5 is a new soy peptone manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of soy concentrate. It is hydrolyzed with bacterial enzymes only, offerring at the same time a high degree of hydrolysis and a low ashes value. It can be used both in fermentation and diagnostic applications.  
  • Soy Peptone APP2a
    APP2a is a papainic soy peptone obtained by hydrolyzing the soy flour with plant enzymes.  
  • Soy Peptone E0218
    Soy Peptone E0218 is a new soy peptone manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of soy flour. It is hydrolyzed by bacterial enzymes only and it offers a high DH value.  
  • Soy peptone E110
    Soy Peptone E110 is a multipurpose soy hydrolysate with excellent stability and clarity properties. It id widely used in the dehydrated culture media industry.
  • Soy Peptone E118
    Soy Peptone E118 is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of non-GMO soy flour with microbial enzymes. It is a yeast-free product manufactured with a special step of purification.
  • Wheat Peptone E1
    Wheat Peptone E1 is a papainic wheat protein hydrolysate. Initially designed for the cosmetic industry, it is has been also adopted by the cell culture industry.
  • Wheat Peptone E260
    Wheat Peptone E260 is a new micro filtered, animal-component free peptone produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat gluten.
  • Yeast Extract BG
    Yeast Extract BG is a bacteriological grade primary grown Yeast Extract of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast Extract BG contains a high level of protein in readily and easily absorbable predigested forms such as peptides and amino acids. It also contains nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals and other growth factors.
  • Casein LS018
    Casein LS018 is a high quality source of amino acids and peptides, produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of bovine casein. It has been designed for both fermentation and diagnostic media and it is recommended for specific applications that require high solubility and clear solutions.
  • Casein Peptone Plus
    Casein Peptone Plus is a multi purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate enriched with growth factors
  • Tryptone Plus
    Tryptone Plus is a pancreatic casein hydrolysate designed for diagnostics application.
  • Gelatin Peptone N2
    Gelatin Peptone N2 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of porcine gelatin dedicated to culture media application.
  • Gelatin Peptone N3
    Gelatin Peptone N3 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of porcine gelatin enriched in growth factors.
  • Bacteriological Meat Peptone
    Bacteriological Meat Peptone is a high clarity and stability pancreatic hydrolysate of animal tissues designed for culrure media applications. It comes with a neutral pH.
  • Bacteriological pork Peptone
    Bacteriological pork Peptone
  • Meat Extract M1
    Meat Extract M1 is a very high performance multi purpose enzymatic hydrolysate of a mix of animal proteins for culture media, vaccines industry  and food industry.
  • Meat Peptone N1
    Meat Peptone N1 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of animal tissues (gelatin, pork and Ox) designed  for fermentation.
  • Meat Peptone S1
    Meat peptone S1 is a pepsic hydrolysate mainly used in the veterinary vaccine industry for most demanding pathogenic bacterial strains.