There are other applications for peptones in the life science field like fertilization for crops or cryoprotection of frozen cell strains.

  • Calcium pidolate
    Organotechnie Calcium pidolate is intended for animal calcium supplementation.
  • Casein peptone E1
    Casein Peptone E1 is a casein hydrolysate, free from animal enzymes, dedicated to fermentation. A kosher and a halal certificate can be provided.
  • Casein Peptone Plus
    Casein Peptone Plus is a multi purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate enriched with growth factors
  • Tryptone N1
    Tryptone N1 is a multi-purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate with a vitamins and growth factors enrichment. This peptone is cell culture compatible and is used in the vaccine industry.
  • Tryptone Plus
    Tryptone Plus is a pancreatic casein hydrolysate designed for diagnostics application.
  • Agropeptone
  • Meat Peptone N2
    Meat Peptone N2 is a high performance pancreatic hydrolysate of animal tissues (gelatin, pork and Ox) enriched in growth factors. It is highly soluble and remains stable, even at very high concentrations in water.
  • Plant peptone E1
    Plant Peptone E1 is a non allergenic/non GMO enzymatic potato protein hydrolysate with a high fertility level.
  • Soy peptone A3SC
    Soy Peptone A3 SC is a multi purpose papainic soy hydrolysate enriched with growth factors.
  • Soy peptone E110
    Soy Peptone E110 is a multipurpose soy hydrolysate with excellent stability and clarity properties. It id widely used in the dehydrated culture media industry.