Many different industries use peptones as a raw material.

Two of the major and most known markets are Industrial Fermentation and Dehydrated Culture Media.

The Fermentation industry covers a wild scope of activities that goes from the production of pharmaceutical vaccines(human and veterinary), to cosmetics via the Food market of lactic acid bacteria.

Dehydrated Culture media (also refered as Tubing or Diagnostics) is an important market as well.
It is a complex industry with many different requirements.

A later but strong newcomer is the Cell culture industry.
Cell Culture is a fast growing market with very drastic demands in terms of microbial purity and endotoxin levels.

After decades of hard work in all these different areas, we, at ORGANOTECHNIE have come to comply with all the most drastic regulations through a full documented manufacturing process and address all kinds of technical requirements  and will be in position to meet the vast majority if not all of your demands.

We naturally are ISO certified. We use GMO-free materials only. we have kosher and halal certificates for some relevant products and each of our product comes to you with a certificate of analysis.

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