Each batch of Organotechnie product is analysed according to its specifications.

Our in-house Quality Control Laboratory can perform all the standards physico-chemical analysis and a very wide range of microbiological analysis.

All our product specifications, tests and results are managed in our LIMS. (Laboratory Information Management System)
A double check procedure allow us to make sure that ech result entered is conform to the analysis. The system  produces a document that is verified and signed by the Quality Manager.
Should a test have a non conform result, the document can only be produced after a derogative procedure that includes the end-user.
We use the I-series based LIMS INQAS.

A Certificate of Analysis and a “best before date” is delivered with all Organotechnie products.
Organotechnie guarantees the quality of the product until the mentioned date if stored in a cool and dry area.


Our products can also be analysed according to your particular specifications (your norms or a specific analysis) if necessary.




For a secure and efficient traceability, each batch of any product that we manufacture comes with a unique lot number.

The same goes for our raw materials, which also have a unique lot number.

We trace and know everything that comes in our products.

An extensive documentation is produced with every batch: Production data, raw material certificates and so on.