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Certificates of Suitability to the Monograph 1483 of the European Pharmacopoeia
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PEPTONE NAME Ref. Ph.Eur. / Certificate Number
 Casein-meat Peptone E2 19501 R1-CEP 2000-120-Rev 01
 Meat Peptone N1 19521 R1-CEP 2001-115-Rev 01
 Meat Peptone N2 19543 R1-CEP 2001-119-Rev 01
 Meat Peptone S1 19018 R1-CEP 2001-116-Rev 01
 Meat Peptone S2 19518 R1-CEP 2001-117-Rev 01
 Meat Extract M1 19022 R1-CEP 2001-118-Rev 01
 Heart Extract Paste 26014 R1-CEP 2001-337-Rev 01


Please note that the above downloadable copies may not be suitable to support an Application for a Marketing Autorisation.
Pharmaceutical companies may require a DECLARATION OF ACCESS issued by our Regulatory Department for those applications.
Information needed for DECLARATION OF ACCESS are shown on page 2 of each certificate.