There are as many differents requirements for as many differents media.

However fast growth promotion, fertility, growth selectivity, high clarity and/or autoclave stability are among the most requested.

whatever your requirement is , we have the peptones or the extract that will meet your expectations.

  • Malt Extract R2
    Malt Extract R2 is a purified and clarified malt extract supplemented with growth factors.
  • Malt Extract R3
    Malt Extract R3 is a purified and clarified malt extract designed for diagnostic  and cell culture applications
  • Pea peptone IDH
    Pea peptone IDH is new non allergenic & non GMO pea peptone hydrolysed with microbial enzymes. It comes with a high hydrolysis degree and a low turbidity.  
  • Plant peptone E1
    Plant Peptone E1 is a non allergenic/non GMO enzymatic potato protein hydrolysate with a high fertility level.
  • Potato peptone E210
    Potato peptone E210 is a non allergenic/non GMO ultra clear potato protein hydrolysate for specific demanding/high tech applications.
  • Potato peptone L8
    Potato peptone L8 is a new product developped by hydrolyzing potato proteins with microbial enzymes. This product is crystal clear in solution at 1%.
  • Soy peptone E110
    Soy Peptone E110 is a multipurpose soy hydrolysate with excellent stability and clarity properties. It id widely used in the dehydrated culture media industry.
  • Wheat Peptone E1
    Wheat Peptone E1 is a papainic wheat protein hydrolysate. Initially designed for the cosmetic industry, it is has been also adopted by the cell culture industry.
  • Yeast Extract
    Yeast Extract is a high clarity high range autolysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is selected for its capacity to fulfil with any fermentation purposes.
  • Yeast Extract BG
    Yeast Extract BG is a bacteriological grade primary grown Yeast Extract of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast Extract BG contains a high level of protein in readily and easily absorbable predigested forms such as peptides and amino acids. It also contains nucleic acids, vitamins, minerals and other growth factors.
  • Casein Peptone E1 HF
    Casein Peptone E1 HF is manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of casein. It shows a high filterability due to its manufacturing process which includes additional purification steps.
  • Casein Peptone Plus
    Casein Peptone Plus is a multi purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate enriched with growth factors
  • Tryptone Plus
    Tryptone Plus is a pancreatic casein hydrolysate designed for diagnostics application.
  • Gelatin Peptone N2
    Gelatin Peptone N2 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of porcine gelatin dedicated to culture media application.
  • Gelatin Peptone N3
    Gelatin Peptone N3 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of porcine gelatin enriched in growth factors.
  • Bacteriological Meat Peptone
    Bacteriological Meat Peptone is a high clarity and stability pancreatic hydrolysate of animal tissues designed for culrure media applications. It comes with a neutral pH.
  • Meat Extract M1
    Meat Extract M1 is a very high performance multi purpose enzymatic hydrolysate of a mix of animal proteins for culture media, vaccines industry  and food industry.
  • Meat Peptone N1
    Meat Peptone N1 is a pancreatic hydrolysate of animal tissues (gelatin, pork and Ox) designed  for fermentation.
  • Meat Peptone PH1
    Meat Peptone PH1 is a new meat peptone manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of pork heart. It is hydrolyzed with animal enzymes only.
  • Meat Peptone S1
    Meat peptone S1 is a pepsic hydrolysate mainly used in the veterinary vaccine industry for most demanding pathogenic bacterial strains.
  • Meat Peptone SL1
    Meat Peptone SL1 is a brand new product made from pork lining. The enzymes used in its manufacturing are from animal and vegetal origin.
  • Pork Bacteriological Peptone
    The Pork Bacteriological Peptone is manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of pork tissues.