Potato peptone L8


Potato peptone L8 is a new product developped by hydrolyzing potato proteins with microbial enzymes. This product is crystal clear in solution at 1%.


Fine cream powder.
Plant Peptone ET1 LS contains a mix of peptides and free amino acids.
Plant Peptone ET1 LS is manufactured with raw materials from vegetal origin only.


Source of organic nitrogen and growth factors recommended in media for diagnostic and fermentation applications with a sensitive downstream process.


A certificate of analysis is supplied with each delivery.

Packing and storage

25 kg net corrugated board box with inner polyethylene bags.
Upon request: 5 kg plastic drum.

Hygroscopic product.
Keep in original packaging closed when not in use at room temperature in a dry area.
Hygroscopic product.

Shelf life: 3 years