Tryptone N1


Tryptone N1 is a multi-purpose pancreatic casein hydrolysate with a vitamins and growth factors enrichment. This peptone is cell culture compatible and is used in the vaccine industry.


Fine cream powder easily soluble in water.
Contains a mix of peptides and free amino acids
Tryptone N1 is manufactured with New Zealand milk material only.


Source of organic nitrogen and growth factors recommended in media for:
- Analytical microbiology
- Industrial fermentation (pharma, food, cosmetics)
- life science


A certificate of analysis and a sanitary certificate are supplied with each delivery.

Packing and storage

25 kg net corrugated board box with inner polyethylene bags.
Upon request: 5 kg plastic drum.
Keep in original packaging closed when not in use,
at room temperature in a dry area.
Hygroscopic product.
Shelf life: 5 years.