Peptone Applications

Find the peptone that fits your application

For decades, Organotechnie has been providing its global customers with reliable and stable products thanks to technical excellence. We are able to address most industrial processes which involve cell growth.


peptones applications

We can provide the product that fits your cell strain needs, your field of application, as well as the regulations you fall under.

Industrial Fermentation

From Vaccines to probiotics ...

…Industrial fermentation covers a lot of grounds, many of which may involve very different requirements.

Depending on your field, you may need for exemple the best fertility, a strong growth promotion, a high filtrabilty level, an excellent water solubility and/or the absence of genetically modified raw material.

All of these criteria and many more are addressed by one of our peptones.

Cell Culture

We have developped a cell culture specific peptone range : c-cell

Cell culture is the use of extremely fragile cell lines, separated from their original animal or vegetal tissue.

They require an easily filtrable nitrogen source, free from pathogenic compounds, with a very low bioburden.

Organotechnie provides a range of low endotoxin peptones that are succesfully used in this area.

For example, TRYPTONE N1 & TRYPTONE  PLUS generate a better protein expression in CHO and HEK293 cell lines – 


We provide a vast range of peptones used as supplements for culture media :


Fast growth promotion, fertility, growth selectivity, high clarity and/or autoclave stability are among the most requested requirements for diagnostics.

We are able to provide the peptones or the extracts that will meet your expectations.


We are one of the largest manufacturer of Pharma Grade Magnesium Pidolate :

This ingredient is manufactured in a dedicated line, physically separated from all the other products to avoid any cross-contamination. The manufacturing of this product is done following the pharma regulations and comes with an extensive documentation.

This activity is why Organotechnie has a natural inclination to strict and thorough procedures and has made the approach of pharma customers for our peptones quite natural.

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