Meat Peptones

Meat Peptones are manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis of selected animal tissues The enzymatic preparations traditionally used have long been based on natural active materials such as Pancreatin or Pepsin. Biotech enzymes obtained by fermentation are more and more in use nowadays. Traditionally beef animal tissues have been used for the manufacturing of Peptones or Hydrolysates because these materials are widespread the world over at affordable costs. bovine or pork animal tissues are used, or a combination of these. Due to the outbreak of the BSE and the precautionary measures that were enforced thereafter and in particular within the pharmaceutical industry, the use of beef material had become questionable until guidelines regarding “”the risk of transmission of TSE diseases”” were issued by the competent authorities in year 2000. Organotechnie Meat Peptones comply with those guidelines, and beef materials are sourced from unaffected countries such as New Zealand or Australia. Our meat peptones come with a certificate of suitability vs TSE risk.

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Industrial fermentation and Diagnostics

Our Meat Peptones

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